Based in Calgary, AB, Keane Larsen is a second-year journalism student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), with a focus on print and online journalism.  


During his first year of the program, he began a love affair with a spicy Canon EOS 77D, and while he was cautious at first, he has spent the last several months developing an understanding of the basics of photography, including studio lighting, dark room processing, and post-process workflow, editing, and printing. 


These days, it is rare to see him without a camera in hand. Growing up in Saskatchewan gave Larsen an appreciation for the prairie horizons; living in Rocky Mountain country instilled a deep love of the mountains.  He has been from Tofino to the Bay of Fundy, studying light and people, and making images to satisfy the artist within.


Fresh off a six week contract with SAIT where he was the teaching assistant for the college's fast-track photography course, Larsen is looking forward to the opportunities to continue developing in his final year of school.  His most recent work was for the 2019 Sugar Bowl Lawn Bowling Tournament and Fundraiser; in September he will be at Calgary Pride, not only as a spectator, but also as participant in the parade.


Photo by Alaina Shadlock